Our Company

Rolloface is an aftermarket part manufacturer established in 2012. With 3 years of research and development, Rolloface is finally ready to offer our high performance products and tasteful life style modifications to the general public.

Focusing on big brake kits, Rolloface’s product lines are designed to be eye catching from Lifestyle. Researched & developed, and assembled in-house right in the Riverside, CA, to assure high quality, high performance, and consistent products for our consumers, we also provide best service.

Rolloface has a number of dealers and distributors that can be found here on our website and with an experienced customer service team, Rolloface is ready to answer any and all questions or concerns regarding Rolloface’s products.

Based in Riverside, California, we are a local (Depending on where you are, of course) business that is dedicated to providing the best service and products for all your automotive needs. Whether its a track-ready race car or project show car modifications, Rolloface is ready to assist you to design and build your unique and performance vehicle.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the finest products to the European car, American Muscle and JDM enthusiast community. With a goal that providing quality life style aftermarket parts, adding each customer’s personal taste, we do it fashion way and everything in details. You may found Rolloface’s logo from public street to car shows, even on race track. We take immense pride in what we do, just like you. Let’s roll.

Our Product

Quality from USA, track tested product, fancy plus performance are research in house. Beside the performance, we are focusing on quality lifestyle, more personal taste, fashion and everything in details.

Fully forged calipers, 2-piece floating rotors, brackets, stainless steel brake lines and ceramic brake pads are included in the kit. We offer many of customize options from more than 6500 colors finish for calipers and rotor center hubs( effect  by powder coating) to caliper setup, to meet every customer’s request.

Our Finish

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. • Our powder coating finish is a 3 layers progress(Compare to one layer that other companies usually do), first layer is the base primer, second layer is the color coat, and the third layer is the clear coat. And we have more than 6000 colors can be chosen.(Compare to 6 colors that other companies usually do).

Our Advantage

• We are local business right in Riverside, California, which means we could rebuild your BBK, change colors, and request customer services within a short time.

• Fully customized product, made to order, your brake your choice.

• Our product made by top quality materials and parts, 3 layers of stainless steel for our brake lines.

• We not only make quality products, we make quality life style aftermarket parts, more personal taste, fashion and everything in details.

• The most important thing is we accept, and value every single order (We are almost the only company could do like this, and other companies don’t even take this kind of order at all), so every singe customer could choose their own color combination to meet everyone’s request.

• You could choose your colors not only for brake calipers, but also for brake rotor center hats. All 6500 colors are free of charge.

• We also assembled in house, every set is made to order. From picking a bolt, torque each bolt to our specific specs, to wax the caliper before we put in our collectable packing boxes, every progress all finished by hand by our experienced specialist.