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RF GT3 Widebody Kit

$7,800.00 $4,980.00

Rolloface Performance is proud to announce our latest product, RF GT3 Widebody Kit. This kit is researched and developed in house with our 3 years track experience, which means it is not only eye catching, but also fully functional. Aerodynamic is the basic of this design, track tested, high stability during high speed. Made in the USA product.

Fully designed and made in house in the USA. Our design followed all OEM specs, perfect fitment and easy for installation. Front bumper, two front fenders are fully replacement of OEM parts, you could do it yourself at home or go to your local body shop for the front end, either way you will have our GT3 wide body kit installed on your car within 2 weeks. Also you can use your carbon fiber front lip, carbon fiber side skirts and carbon fiber defuser on our GT3 wide body kit directly from your

GT3 wide body kit not only looks cool, but also fully functional, our design will give you more aerodynamic during high speed driving, and will help you reduce the engine temperature as well.

Our production time will be around 2 weeks, no import tax.

Each Kit Includes (FRP, CFRP pcs. are optional)
RF GT3 Fiberglass Hood Duct
RF GT3 Front Bumper (full replacement piece)
RF GT3 Fenders (full replacement pieces)
RF GT3 Quarter Panels
RF GT3 Rear Bumper add on Panels
RF GT3 Trunk Spoiler (FRP)

Optional Parts
RF GT3 Side Splitters (Carbon Fiber)
RF GT3 Front Splitter (Fiber Glass)
RF ZR-1 3-Piece Aluminum Forged Wheels
RF GT3 Trunk Spoiler (CFRP)

No rivet bolts design. Track tested product. Made in the USA.

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